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Pay-per-Click Advertising

Every time a visitor to your website clicks on an ad link, you make money.

Of the many revenue streams available to website owners, pay-per-click (PPC) is the easiest and perhaps the most promising.

It's easy because it takes almost no time to add pay-per-click ads to your website, and they pay commissions thereafter: 24/7/365/forever.

How much they pay depends on a complex commerce involving ad word auctions. The auctions, in turn, depend on the popularity of the keywords linked to the ads, and the budgets of the advertisers.

A click might pay a few cents or several dollars. If it's a few cents, and you get few clicks, you make pocket change. If it's a dollar or more and you get 50 clicks a day, you make $18,250+ per year.

If the keywords are "Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer" you may earn $10 per click and you may make a lawyer's income without even having a law degree.

PPC is such a good system for everyone concerned— advertisers, website owners, visitors —that the pay-per-click commissions rise substantially every year.

Ad word auctions are also international, so there's no downside from currency fluctuations (at least not for website owners).

Currently the most prominent contextual-ad program is Google AdSense, but other pay-per-click clearinghouses offer alternatives.

There are also ad networks. More...

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