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Google AdSense Ads 

These context-sensitive pay-per-click ads can earn you thousands of dollars per year from your writing...forever! 

Everybody knows Google, the most-used Internet search engine, and most people have noticed those little "Ads by Google" on many web pages.

They're usually text-only ads, with a link to a product or service and a few words to tempt you to click on the link and find out more about the product or service. Sometimes pictorial ads, "action" ads with movement, or even video ads with sound appear in those "Ads by Goooogle" spaces.

These ads are a service of Google to both advertisers and web publishers: an advertiser pays Google AdWords to run the ads, Google's computers decide which web pages are most appropriate for the ads, and voilà—the ads appear on the pages.

Magic? It certainly is for the writer-self-publisher, who can earn thousands of dollars each month from these pay-per-click (PPC) ads—and hundreds of thousands over the years.

Here's how it works: those who have goods or services to advertise join Google AdWords. They set up their advertising campaign(s), choosing keywords that they want to be associated with their ads. Google—which knows where everything is on the Internet—finds pages that have content that matches the keywords, and sends the ads automatically to those pages. Every time someone views those pages, the ads appear.

Instead of being annoying (like so many ads we view in a day), Google ads are mostly unobtrusive, and usually even informative, alerting us to web pages that may offer us exactly what we're looking for. (At least that's true for the text-only ads. The pictorial/video ads are a mixed bag.)

If a viewer clicks on the link in one of the ads, Google bills the AdWords advertiser for the click, and shares the revenue (70/30) with the owner of the web page on which the ad appeared (that's you!) You get 70%, Google keeps 30%.

The revenue for a single click may be anywhere from a few cents to several dollars, depending on a complicated "keyword auction" system. But even clicks of a few cents can add up to thousands of dollars if enough people click on the ads.

Remember: the Internet is by its very nature a worldwide information system unlimited by national or continental boundaries. Google's ads are delivered in hundreds of languages to millions of viewers each day, and different ads may appear to viewers in different countries, so the chances of receiving clicks can be very good.

How do you, as a website self-publisher, get in on this pay-per-click revenue? You sign up for the Google AdSense program (explained below). Once you've registered for the program and provided your bank account information (so that Google can send you your share of the revenue), you do this:

1. Choose the ad formats, shapes, sizes and colors you'd like to appear on your pages

2. Set up ad tracking (if you care to; Google will explain how this can help you )

3. Copy the HTML code of the ad that Google shows you, and paste it into the HTML code of your web pages

4. Sit back and let your writing produce revenue for you 24 hours a day, every day, forever!

Actually, Step 4 should read "Write more pages so that you'll have even more chances to earn money from your writing."

Go ahead, put your entire brain online! What's to stop you?

A warning: don't expect to get rich overnight. Your revenue from Google AdSense ads may be only pennies a day at first. It may take several years to get to even $30 per day. But $30 per day is $10,950 per year...and as long as your writing remains relevant and available online, that's $30 per day/$10,950 per year...forever!

If you earn $116.63 per day, that's $42,569.95.

When you get to $300 per day, you can live quite comfortably not doing anything else: $109,500!

The more you write, and the longer it stays online, the more you earn. Write once, earn for years!

Click on the button below to learn more about, and register for, the Google AdSense program:


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