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Ad Networks

Put a bit of code on your pages,
ads appear, and you get paid.

Online ad networks work a bit differently from pay-per-click ads. To use an ad network, you place some computer code on your web pages, ads appear, and you are paid by the number of times the ads are shown to your website's visitors.

It doesn't matter whether a visitor clicks on the ads or not. You are paid just for showing the ads to your website's visitors.

This system is much more like traditional magazine and newspaper advertising. With paper periodicals, it was difficult to determine how many readers might actually see an ad. Circulation statistics, coupons, etc. were used to develop viewership estimates, and the magazine or newspaper based its ad rates on these estimates.

With websites, it's much easier to determine how many visitors see an ad, so website owners are paid according to "exposures" on the basis of "CPM rates" ("cost-per-thousand impressions" of an ad).

In other words, you are paid for every thousand visitors who are exposed to an ad (pageview). If you have hundreds of thousands of pageviews, you can earn good money.

Using an ad network can be somewhat more complicated than using pay-per-click ads, but ad networks can also pay quite well. As you get into the spirit of being a web publisher, and have more visitors and pageviews to entice advertisers, ad networks make sense. Here are some to check:

AdBeans by DirectTraffic


ADSDAQ by ContextWeb

AOL Platform A

Burst Media

Casale Media

Gorilla Nation

24/7 RealMedia


Travel Ad Network

Tribal Fusion

Vibrant Media

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