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Where Do I Start
on my Writer's Website?

Start with you
who you are and what you know—
then Put Your Brain OnLine to the world.

Here are the steps to get you started:

1. What is your platform?
Who are you? What do you know? Why should people care? More...

2. Your site’s purpose
How can you help readers? Define it in one sentence. More...

3. Your audience
As with any publication, you must know your readers. More...

4. Your site's design
A website is not a collection of articles like a magazine, or of chapters like a book. Its design is quite different. More...

5. What makes a good web page?
Writing web pages is a new skill unlike writing article or guidebook pages. You must write Optimized Hypertext with search engine optimization in mind. More...

6. Do-it-yourself or hire a web designer?
If computers don't scare you, you can do much of the work yourself. If they do, work with a website designer. More...

7. Finding a web designer
We've all heard stories of website design disasters, but far fewer stories of successful collaborations. Why? More...

8. Website hosting
A web host is the computer server that puts your website on the Internet. There are good hosts and bad. Which is right for you? More...

9. Illustrations on your website
Your writing may benefit greatly from color images, diagrams, charts and illustrations. Put them online and they become your own worldwide stock image service. More...

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What is Your Platform?

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