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Put Your Brain Online!

Make money being who you are, and writing about it.
Crazy? It's already happening.
Why aren't you doing it?

You write your thoughts, opinions, hopes, fears, your knowledge (adminsitrator tips, technical procedures, recipes, gardening, travel, sports—whatever), your daily life. Put all this writing on Web pages, put pay-per-click ads next to the writing, and earn money just for who you are.

Crazy? It's already happening all over the 'Net: blogs, forums, FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr. Have you noticed that all of these "crowdsourced" websites have revenue aspects? Ads, commercial relationships with service suppliers, etc. They make money. Why not you?

If websites were as difficult, expensive and risky to set up as a manufacturing business, or in fact any large organization with staff and capital goods (buildings, equipment, etc.), then it would be crazy.

But websites are not difficult, expensive or risky to set up. So it's not crazy.

How much do you know? How many other people would like to learn what you know? If the answer is "few," then you won't earn much money. If the answer is "millions," then you can get rich just being you and telling the world about it.

Most of us land somewhere in the middle, of course. We know some stuff, and some other people might like to learn it, but we don't know how much by how many.

Theres only one way to find out: Put Your Brain OnLine!

Luckily, writers are in the best position to profit from PYBOL, because to be of interest to others, information must be easily accessible, which means well written and logically presented...which is exactly what writers do.

It'll probably take you a long time to put your brain online—but that's the point. You're always learning new things, so others may want to learn them too. And a website is forever—there's no reason it can't go on earning money for you for the rest of your life.

Now, that's evergreen writing!

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Tom Brosnahan