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Change Your Thinking!

You are an expert and a personality first, a writer last

Writers are used to thinking of themselves as workers whose work is sold by others: your article goes in a newspaper or magazine, your book goes on a publisher's list and bookstores' shelves.

Our personality and expertise are merely small parts of someone else's larger enterprise.

No more!

There is no longer any need to ride along on someone else's distribution medium and pay the substantial costs. You can distribute your own work worldwide, at once, for next to no cost, and earn money.

And you can claim full recognition for your work. In fact, you should claim full recognition.

The important thing here is your work—the product of your ideas, research, organization, creativity and writing skill. The important thing is not the publishing medium.

Your work can now be published in all sorts of media: first as web pages, also as a downloadable PDF file, as a downloadable MP3 file (to play on computers, iPods and cell phones). You can put it on a weblog, or build an online forum or learning course on it. And you can earn money from them all.

When you have enough writing on a particular subject, you can turn it into a single-topic website, and also into a book, publish the book yourself and sell the book online as a traditional bound paper book, as an e-book (a downloadable file that can be read on a computer, or a Personal Digital Assistant (Palm Pilot, BlackBerry)) and as an MP3 audio book to be played on an iPod, in the car, etc.

If designed properly, you may be able to sell chapters of your book as independent publications.

Like I said, the important things here are you and your work, not the medium.

Sure, you can sell your work to a newspaper, magazine, book publisher or website. They will pay you a fraction of its value, then publish it in all these different ways and keep most (or all) of the revenue from them.

The reason traditional media require all-rights contracts for your work is so they can exploit all the new media for their own benefit. This is smart for them, not so smart for you.

Let me state this clearly: you no longer need traditional media publishers. You can do it yourself and keep all the money.

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Tom Brosnahan