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7 Reasons for a Writer's Website 

Some of it's easy, some of it's hard, all of it's possible.

1. Why a Writer's Website?
Websites offer significant advantages to writers. Here's why you should put your brain online as soon as possible. More...

2. What's Wrong with Print?
It was the writer's medium since Gutenberg. Now that's changed. More...

3. Blog or Website?
Which is better, a weblog or a website? What's the difference? Big! More...

4. Will my Website Make Money?
The answer is yes. The question (as always) is how much? The answer is... More...

5. How Do I Get Paid for my Website?
Long answer: the same way newspapers and magazines get paid. Short answer: advertising (and more)...but with a difference. More...

6. What Makes a Good Website?
Build it, and they will come...but only if it's good. So what's good? More...

7. Where Do I Start?
What is your platform? Your audience? What's a good web page design? Can I do it myself? How do I get it online? What about illustrations? More...

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