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Word-of-Mouth Publicity

Book authors know that word-of-mouth publicity is the best sort. It works for websites, too.

Word-of-mouth publicity: that's one person telling others about a book—or website.

Book authors know that it's the best sort of publicity, because the information about the book comes with the personal recommendation of the one mentioning it (we hope!) A recommendation from someone you know and trust is a more significant than a media review from a critic, and a lot more important than an advertisement.

Website owners tend to obsess on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These are supremely important, but don't neglect word-of-mouth.

— Mention your website at every possible opportunity. Don't be shy! Most people will be interested to learn that you have your own website.

— Have business cards with your site's domain name/URL, and distribute them far and wide.

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