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Publicizing Your Website

The Internet has increased the
info "noise level" by 100,000%.
How will people find your website?

Publicity is more important than ever!

Here's how:

1. Get links from websites busier than yours.
If you can get a link from a huge site with millions of visitors, it will not only bring people to your site, it will raise the rank of your site in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). See Search Engine Optimization.

2. Get mentioned in magazines and newspapers.
Not only will people find your site, but magazines and newspapers have websites, and will often link to websites mentioned in their published articles. Also, you can publish the mention as a credit to the value of your site.

3. Correspond with your site's visitors.
Set up an online forum, or offer your email address (or even your phone number) to users so they can contact you. Chances are you won't be overwhelmed. Rather, you'll receive valuable tips on how readers are using your site, what they want to know, and how you can better meet their needs.

4. Word-of-mouth: the best, and cheapest, publicity ever invented. Do it! More...

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