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The Problem with
Newspapers & Magazines

Why is writer pay so bad at newspapers and magazines?
Because advertising is moving to the Internet.

According to many reports on print vs online media, in the future marketers may spend the same amount of money, but where the money goes will be dramatically different.

Newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, catalogs and printed materials will still exist, but interactive media are now the first place people look for information.

A glance at the downward circulation figures for print media is all one needs to know about the future of advertising in print. The ranks of daily newspapers, already reduced to morning editions, are being thinned as newsprint and paper costs increase, and conglomerate owners demand ever-fatter profits. The same holds true for magazines, which face rising production and mailing costs, greater demand for profits, and other pressures that make their existence tenuous.

So if advertising money shifts from print to the Internet, where will the best economic opportunities be for writers?


Actually, not duh. The huge website companies will look upon writer pay the same way huge print media companies do: pay as little as possible for content that will fill up blank web pages and carry the ads.

This is not cretinous parsimony, it's just good business. I never pay more than I have to for something I want (say, an airline ticket or hotel room) and neither do you.

The opportunity lies in this: writers can now become their own publishers.

In the days of magazine and newspaper dominance, it was beyond the means of most writers to start their own newspapers and magazines to print their own work. But a powerful website can be set up for hundreds—not thousands, let alone hundreds of thousands—of dollars, ie, an amount any professional can afford.

So the real money for writers is in self-publishing on the Internet.

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