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Pair Networks Website Hosting

Pair, my favorite, hosts nearly 200,000 websites reliably and professionally, at moderate cost.

Pair Networks hosts my various websites, and I'm very satisfied with them. They're ultra-reliable, business-like and responsive. Unlike some hosting companies, they're serious about what they do.

They are not the cheapest, and their interface is not the easiest (nor the hardest) to learn, but I think they're well worth their reasonable fees. Besides, they have great telephone and email support, so if you're having a problem, help is only a phone call or message away.

Pair Networks hosts nearly 200,000 websites on its servers in Pittsburgh PA (nowhere near where I live).

I came to them after a terrible experience with one of the USA's largest web hosting companies. This large hosting company (which shall remain nameless) was cheap, but had absolutely impenetrable procedures which were always changing.

Actually, in the long run, they weren't cheap, because when my website started to become successful and receive a lot of visitors, I exceeded my monthly limit on "bandwidth" (the amount of time my visitors used accessing their servers), and I had to pay a penalty that was more than a year's hosting fees. So cheap it was not.

That penalty fee really bummed me.

At Pair Networks, if you exceed your quota, they warn you you about it, and if it happens a few times they just automatically bump you up to the next highest hosting plan (which you probably need anyway) rather than gouging you with a huge penalty fee. You end up paying more per month for services you've come to need, which is fine.

An example of Pair Networks service: spammers figured out a way to get into the phpBB2 forum software I use on my websites and use the forums to send spam. This quickly overloaded Pair Networks' servers, so Pair automatically shut down the forums, notified me, then helped me to fix the software to keep the bad guys out. The forums were online again in no time, to the relief of the thousands of visitors who enjoy them.

It's pretty easy to set up a web hosting server (which is why there are so many companies wanting you to host with them), and it's easy to just let the server sit there and serve up most of the websites most of the time. But it's not so easy to have your servers online reliably all the time, and to make sure that your clients' websites are always available, and to keep out the spammers and hackers and viruses.

This is what Pair Networks does, very professionally.

There are lots and lots of web hosting companies worldwide, many of which would make good choices. Pair Networks is the one I know and can recommend.

DISCLOSURE: Pair Networks has an affiliate program, in which I am a participant (and which you should also join if you decide to use Pair as your website host). If you sign up for Pair Networks service via a link on this website, you will pay the same, normal prices everyone pays, but I may receive a small commission for providing the "lead" to them. The commission comes out of Pair Networks' pocket, not yours.

This is a standard revenue source for websites, and you should use such affiliate programs for your website. Here's more...

Pair Networks Website Hosting

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