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Good Website Content  

If your writer's website doesn't have
good content, all bets are off.
So what makes good content?  

The Internet already has too much information on it.

There's a lot of bad content. We've all seen it: the stuff that's not pertinent, disorganized, difficult to navigate, not up to date.

So what makes good content?

Good content starts with you, your talent, experience, and desires. Why should an audiencecome to your website rather than another? What's your platform? More...

In short, what's the purpose of your website?

It's essential to define your purpose clearly. Otherwise you won't know how to proceed. You'll waste time and money, and have little chance of success. More...

You must also define your audience, but as an experenced writer you may already have a pretty good idea of who your readers will be. More...

Should you make a website or a blog? Aren't they the same thing? Not by a longshot! They are different media. Content that's good for one may not be good for the other. More...

What about online forums? Do you need one on your website? More...

We live in a visual age. Web pages look better with illustrations on them. Should you have photos on your website? More...

My colleague Teena Hughes has put it as succinctly as it can be put:

- if you choose a travel niche which has a zillion visitors hungry for information

- if you write your pages in an entertaining and informative way

- if you engage your visitors in your stories about the destination

- if you write pages based on what those folks are searching for

- if you write a TON of pages answering questions based on search queries

- if you super-duper hyperlink words and phrases to the max between the site's pages, so every paragraph has links of some kind within it

- if you provide valuable information in an easy-to-absorb way

- and if you work hard at your website (like a full-time business) to provide all of these things

...then yes, you have as much chance of having a successful revenue-providing website as anyone else on the Internet.


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Tom Brosnahan