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How to Get Published First  

Begin wherever you can.
Don't aim for the stars, aim for publication.  

I advise beginning authors: begin wherever you can: local newspapers, magazines, newsletters, a website, anywhere at all.

Even if it's the free newsletter of a religious, fraternal or civic organization, getting published will give you first-hand experience of writing coherently, covering all the important points, making it fit the space allotted, and meeting an editor's requirements.

As soon as you can, offer to write travel articles for your local newspaper or organizational magazine. Don't offer to write for free, at least not at first. A symbolic payment—even $25—is important, and who can't afford $25?

If there is absolutely no money for payment, then do it for free. Once you have a few clippings from your local publications, you can submit them to larger ones.

Then, be sure to get paid.

Here's why: it is very easy to end up being a writer who subsidizes others and makes virtually no income. Publishers will make this easy for you!

(That's why you should seriously consider Internet self-publishing.)

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Tom Brosnahan