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Guidebook Contracts  

A contract is an agreement in detail between two or more parties.

Usually, a contract stipulates the terms under which certain work will be done, and the compensation which will be offered by the employer to the worker for that work.

I can't tell you all there is to know about contracts, because it can't be known. Agreements between the person assigning the work and the person doing the work are almost always different, at least in a few details. And new situations demand forseeing new contingencies.

But certain clauses appear again and again in contracts between authors/photographers and publishers because the contingencies they deal with may well arise during the life of the agreement.

Contract Checklist: here's an annotated list of the most important clauses which you, as an author, must have in your travel guidebook contract, with notes on some clauses which you should avoid.

Here are thoughts on some of the most important clauses in author-publisher contracts.

1. Advances

2. Copyright

3. Granting of Rights

4. Royalties

5. Translations

6. When Things Must Happen

7. Acceptable Manuscript

8. Warranties & Indemnities

Here is a real-life example of contract negotiation:

Considering a Guidebook Offer

All About Travel Guidebooks



Tom Brosnahan